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Serena Williams Exposed, Thong, Breaking News, Wimbledon, US Open, Serena Williams Serena Williams News Briefs January - May 2011

Serena Williams Withdraws From The French Open
05.13.2011 PARIS-- Serena Williams withdrew from the French Open Thursday and released a statement saying: “While I am making good progress, unfortunately I won’t be able to compete in Roland Garros as I am continuing to rehab my foot and recover from the pulmonary embolism. I am grateful for every moment I have and the fact that I have returned to the court. I am hopeful that I will be back competing this summer. Thank you all for your continued prayers.”

Serena Williams In Pulled Topspin Video Ad
04.16.2011 LOS ANGELES-- Serena Williams was featured in a Topspin 4 60 second TV commercial, but it appears the video spot will never be shown on tv. Serena is wearing all black and is called "the world's sexiest tennis player." The video is below:

Serena Williams Back On The Practice Tennis Court
04.13.2011 WEST PALM BEACH-- Tuesday Serena Williams used her Twitter account to post an image of herself wearing a pink bodysuit while serving a tennisball on a practice tennis court. Williams' agent confirmed that Serena had practiced Tuesday, but did not disclose what Serena's next WTA Tour tournament would be.

"Look who I spotted on the court. Her first day back… " Serena said on Twitter.

Serena Williams Remains Sidelined With Injury
03.20.2011 LOS ANGELES-- Following two foot surgeries, Serena Williams suffered from a pulmonary embolism and was hospitalized to remove a hemotoma from her stomach. Williams is doing better recently, but is unsure of an exact return date to the WTA Tour. She hopes to return in the summer.

Serena Willaims Nominated for a Laureus World Sports Award
01.13.2011 ABU DHABI-- Tuesday at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, Serena Williams has been nominated for a Laureus World Sports Award. The Winners are to be revealed next month. Williams remained sidelined from next week's Australian Open with a foot injury. This means Serena will lose 2000 WTA Tour rankings points as the defending champion and will drop out of the top ten in the WTA Tour rankings after the tournament has been played.

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