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Serena Williams Profile Serena Williams
2010 Wimbledon Singles Champion

career-high singles ranking: number 1
Along with her also talented sister,
the tennis player Venus Williams
are known as The Williams Sisters:
currently are the most famous sisters in the world.
Serena was a famous tennis prodigy at age 9.

Height: 5' 9" Weight: 135lbs
Born: September 26, 1981 in Saginaw, Michigan, USA
Resides: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA
Los Angeles, California, USA

People called her coach/father Richard Williams crazy when he predicted she would be "better" than Venus when they both were kids.
Last tennis player to hold all four grand slams at once (2002-2003).
Won the US Open in only her second attempt in 1999.
Created controversy at 2002 US Open wearing tight black catsuit.
Began playing tennis on public Compton, California tennis courts at age 4.
Used to wear thousands of multicolored beads in her hair.
In 2000 won Olympic Gold in doubles tennis with sister Venus Williams.

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Grand Slams Won
1999 US Open
2002 French Open
2002 Wimbledon
2002 US Open
2003 Australian Open
2003 Wimbledon
2005 Australian Open
2007 Australian Open
2008 US Open
2009 Australian Open
2009 Wimbledon
2010 Australian Open
2010 Wimbledon

Known For Her
Aggressive Groundstrokes
Powerful Serve, Returns
"Never Say Die" Attitude
Fashion and Style
Positive Attitude

"Everybody wants to beat a Williams sister."
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